Covid-19 in Africa: experience sharing and recommendations for the private sector

Thursday 9 April, 11:30-13:00 (Europe CST)

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Even before the Covid-19 crisis, many businesses across the Continent had been struggling due to internal, environmental and structural factors. The outbreak of Covid-19 further compounds existing problems.

Although 43 countries on the African continent are now affected, the virus does not initially appear to be spreading as rapidly as elsewhere.

One of the main risks for Africa during the Covid-19 pandemic is that many health systems in Africa are not as uniformly robust as those in countries such as Italy, which is currently overwhelmed by the virus. No one knows what will happen in a country with a health network that may be already weakened and under-equipped. Moreover, with large sections of the population in precarious and informal working conditions, imposing social and economic measures has proven to be difficult and complex.

In the face of the Covid-19 crisis, how are employers organisations and businesses in Africa continuing to build their resilience against existing and future crises?

This digital conference will review:

  • What social and economic measures have been taken by the government?
  • What has been the private sector’s reaction? 
  • Which sector has been hardest hit?
  • How does informality and infrastructure hamper the response to Covid-19?
  • How does this crisis compare to previous crises?


Chair: IOE Vice-President to the ILO Mthunzi Mdwaba         

  1. IOE Secretary-General – Roberto Suárez – International Organisation of Employers
  2. Egypt –  El Sayed Torky – Federation of Egyptian Industries
  3. Kenya – Jacqueline Mugo – Federation of Kenya Employers
  4. Malawi – George Khaki – Employers' Consultative Association of Malawi
  5. Zimbabwe – Israel Murefu – Employers' Confederation of Zimbabwe
  6. Nigeria – Timothy Olawale – Nigeria Employers' Consultative Association

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