Upcoming ILO Global Summit

Information for IOE Members on ILO Global Summit on COVID-19 and the World of Work - Building a better future of work from 1-9 July 2020

The International Labour Office is organising a virtual Global Summit to address the impact of Covid-19 on the world of work. The Global Summit will provide a high-profile platform for the tripartite constituents to maintain connectivity with the ILO’s global tripartite constituency, address the economic and social impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and in particular to draw on the Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work to contribute to building back better in the post-pandemic recovery.

A brief document is being prepared by the ILO Office to provide a framework for the discussions around the world of work impact of Covid-19, and the ILO’s vision of the post-pandemic recovery through the human-centred approach of the Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work.

IOE is preparing a highlights document for employers on the various topics and outlines of employers’ positions on the different items up for discussion.

Dates and structure

The Summit is organised in two parts: regional events (1-2 July) followed by three global events (7-9 July). All events are scheduled to allow remote participation from all time zones and will be broadcast live with interpretation in several languages.

Regional events will aim to capture the region-specific issues that will inform discussion during the Global Summit and are scheduled as follows: Wednesday, 1 July - Arab States and Europe ; Thursday, 2 July - Asia and the Pacific, Africa and the Americas. Invitations to the regional events will be sent to the regional tripartite constituents by the relevant ILO Regional Office.

Each regional consultation will feature ministers and senior social partners, as well as relevant regional organisations. They will be broadcast globally through the special Summit platform in the working languages of each region and will be open to all audiences

IOE Regional advisers will be in touch with you to prepare for these events.

The Global Summit scheduled on 7, 8 and 9 July 2020 between 13.00 and 17.00 (CET) each day, would be structured around three events as follows:

  • The Regional Day, on Tuesday 7 July, in a mix of live and recorded segments, will feature highlights from all five regional events, along with interviews and videos of ILO responses to Covid-19.
  • The Global Leaders’ Day, onWednesday 8 July, will offer a global tribune to the Heads of State and Government of ILO member States, prominent global employer and trade union leaders, and heads of international organizations to address in a pre-recorded message of up to five minutes, the challenges and opportunities of the pandemic in the world of work.
  • The ILO Constituents’ Day, on Thursday 9 July,will bring together ministers, and workers’ and employers’ leaders from member States to reflect live on inputs from the previous events with a view to informing future ILO action to implement the Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work in the context of the pandemic recovery.

A web platform with updated information on the Summit is available here and includes a brief framework document to guide the discussions (also available in the Resources section).

All employer constituents are invited to follow the events.

We look forward to your participation and engagement on ensuring employers’ views inform all the discussions that are scheduled to take place.

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