IOE reports show gender diversity is good business strategy

IOE is launching 2 new policy papers on promoting female talent in top management and how the digital revolution is helping more women join the world of work.

Harnessing female talent for the digital economy examines how digital transformation – the effects on economies and societies of digitalisation and the use of interconnected digital technologies and data –  is having an important and constructive impact on women as it offers them increased opportunity to showcase competences, expanded employment possibilities, and the removal of traditional barriers to their entry into the labour market. The paper draws a wide range of sources to provide in-dept insight into how the digital economy is impacting women.

Fostering female talent in top management levels aims to strengthen efforts towards gender equality by proposing five recommendations each to governments, employers’ organisations and companies in order to attract and retain female talent in management positions. These recommendations are presented together with concrete examples of how they have been applied. More broadly, the report argues that gender diversity is a good business strategy and that the lack of it may act as a barrier to enhanced business performance.

Both papers are part of IOE’s ongoing work to strengthen female participation in the labour market.

For more information about these policy papers, contact María Paz Anzorreguy and Akustina Morni.

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