New IOE Policy paper on Independent Contractors

IOE in a new publication offers case studies on the legal status and rights of independent contractors in different national contexts

With the growth of the gig and platform economies, the diversity and number of independent contractors, is on the rise. This recently published IOE policy paper examines the current status of independent contractors, and their individual and collective rights across different regions.

IOE’s global analysis highlights that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for industrial relations systems, as they are developed over time based on the historical, social and economic contexts. Many jurisdictions are finding solutions to the challenges arising from these new realities through the tools provided by the current labour relations framework. The report provides a selection of practical and illustrative examples of these solutions.

IOE’s report concludes that any extension of employment rights to independent contractors must be carefully determined based on national circumstances, and labour law should be applied purposively and pragmatically considering the changing realties in the future world of work.



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