Highlights of 2019 IOE General Council

More than 100 members from around the globe gathered in Geneva on Sunday 9 June for the 99th Session of the IOE General Council. Here are the highlights.

Five new members mean record-high representation for the International Organisation of Employers

The 2019 Session of the IOE General Council today welcomed five new members into the global employer family.

Representatives of more than 100 of the IOE’s member organisations from around the world who gathered in Geneva today for the annual General Council have endorsed the affiliation of five new members: the Business Confederation of Andorra, the Iraqi Federation of Industries, the Business Association JIA (Kyrgyz Republic), the Union of Myanmar Federations of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

These new members, who were unanimously welcomed with a warm round of applause, bring the total membership of IOE to a record 158 members in 148 countries.

Addressing the attending leadership of the new affiliates on behalf of the membership, IOE President Erol Kiresepi said: “This is a historic occasion for IOE.  We are deeply grateful for your keen interest in bringing your knowledge, expertise and insights to the global employer perspective which informs our advocacy work. We assure you that in joining the IOE family, our relationship will be mutually enriching.”


Daniel Funes de Rioja of Argentina accepts Honorary Presidency of the International Organisation of Employers

Daniel Funes de Rioja of Argentina today accepted the Honorary Presidency of IOE, which was unanimously endorsed by acclamation by the organisation’s 2019 General Council.

Daniel Funes first came to Geneva as an employer member of the delegation of Argentina to the 63rd session of the International Labour Conference (1976). He was driven by the firm belief that the private sector had a key role to play in shaping economic and social policies in the pursuit of peace, stability and social justice. This belief has motivated Daniel throughout his successful career, both in the legal profession and in discharging his duties as a highly regarded spokesperson for the global employer and business community at national, regional and international level

He has held leading positions in the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA); the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization; as Executive Vice-President, President, and board member of IOE; chair of the B20 during the Argentine G20 presidency; and President of the 103rd Session of the International Labour Conference, to name but a few.

Daniel’s close and active association with IOE spans more than 20 years and has undoubtedly contributed to the reputation which the organisation enjoys today as a knowledgeable, experienced, constructive and respectful interlocuter and partner at the highest level of policy debate. 

Thanking the IOE membership for their confidence, Daniel Funes said: “I accept this honour with gratitude and humility.  I signed up early on in my career to promote the freedom of private enterprise and, today, advocating for an enabling environment for sustainable enterprise that benefits all is a cause that remains very close to my heart.”

Congratulating Daniel on behalf of IOE’s global membership, President Erol Kiresepi said: “With this honour, IOE is proud to formally recognise your lifelong commitment and ongoing contribution to the employer cause. Our global voice is all the stronger for your accepting the role of Honorary President.”


The 2019 General Council was chaired by IOE President, Erol Kiresepi. The members received a report on IOE activities, an overview of planned work over the coming months and a revised subscription scale, as well as adopting the 2018 Accounts.  The administrative business was followed by a panel discussion on "Employers' Organisations of the Future; being in business tomorrow", with contributions from IOE members as well as external experts on changing business models and the opportunities and challenges these present for the future of employers' organisations.

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