IOE leads at the G7 labour summit on the future of work

Delegates gathered for the G7 Labour Ministerial Summit in Paris unanimously adopted a Tripartite Declaration with major contributions from IOE and BIAC.

Labour and employment ministers from G7 countries approved a Tripartite Declaration that sets out a nine-point plan of action to shape an equitable future of work, create an environment conducive to business growth, expand decent work for all and promote greater social justice.

Government ministers have been meeting in Paris as part of the preparations for the G7 Summit of Heads of State in August 2019.

Within the nine-point plan, they urged the global community to intensify efforts towards building a sustainable and fair economic landscape that creates jobs and grows economies. They also declared that no one should be excluded from a decent world of work.

Other points in the Declaration include calls for uniting governmental actions to shape the future of work, greater coherence in international policy and work on employment and social policy norms, more knowledge sharing on best practices on social protection, increasing investment in lifelong learning and improving gender equality in the workplace. On this last point, the G7 ministers welcomed the crucial work being done ahead of the International Labour Conference in June on an international instrument to end violence and harassment at work.

IOE President Erol Kiresepi, in his opening remarks, made clear that today’s employment challenges cannot be resolved with a “business as usual” approach. “We need a bold vision for the world we want to live in and the reforms which are necessary to get us there,” he declared.

Mr. Kiresepi congratulated participants on the tripartite declaration saying “The fact that we achieved for the first time a tripartite statement shows not only the strong commitment of all of us to work together and to jointly address these issues, but it also underlines the urgencies of taking bold action.”

The Tripartite Declaration will be used as a basis for formulating the final G7 Declaration in August.

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