CNP-Guinée hosts West and Central Africa Employers' Organisation Conference on the Green Economy and Sustainable Development

The National Council of Employers of Guinea (CNP-Guinée) hosted the Conference of West & Central Africa Employers’ Organisations in Conakry on 12 and 13 December with the aim of exploring the role of the green economy and sustainable development in accelerating growth and job creation.

The Conference was jointly organised with the IOE, and benefitted from the support of the Federation of Employers' Organisations of West Africa as well as co-financing through the IOE-EU partnership programme.

It brought together representatives of employers’ organisations, both national and regional, and other experts from the ILO, African Development Bank, European Union, private enterprise, academia and government to share knowledge, experiences and case studies that illustrated the opportunities and challenges arising from the 2030 Agenda, as well as other international and regional sustainable development frameworks.

Among the many topics covered was the jobs and growth creation potential to be harnessed by transforming environmental issues, such as waste, into economic and social benefits.

Discussions also focussed on the key roles of PPPs and innovative financing, such as Green Bonds, in realising projects that have a positive impact on the environment and provide impactful solutions to climate change.

It was emphasised that employers’ organisations could also play a key role in promoting the green economy by providing associated services to their membership such as raising awareness of the social, environment and business opportunities arising from the sustainable development goals; recognising companies’ efforts through prizes and awards; advocating for incentives and financing for companies engaging in the green economy; organising workshops and experience-sharing platforms, and more.

All the presentations from the Conference, as well as the full programme, are available on the Africa page of the IOE website here. If you would like to learn more about the IOE's work on sustainable development, please visit our webpage here.  For further information, please contact Ms Anetha Awuku, Project Manager, at awuku(at); or Mr Pierre Vincensini, IOE Adviser, at vincensini(at)

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