The ILO takes a decision on the Organization’s engagement with the tobacco sector

After many discussions over several Sessions the ILO Governing Body decided today that the Organization will continue to engage with the tobacco sector through an integrated strategy; resource mobilization will also include the private sector

Dear Members and Partners,

The question of the ILO’s engagement with the tobacco sector has been under discussion at the ILO Governing Body (GB) since March 2017. The Employers’ position throughout the discussions has been that the ILO must be able to engage with all legal sectors, including the tobacco sector.

Today, on the last day of the 334th Session, the Governing Body took the decision to continue to engage in the tobacco sector through an integrated strategy while working on resource mobilization from various sources, including the private sector. The point for decision, as adopted, is as follows:

The Governing Body welcomes the Integrated Strategy 2019/22 but notes that it requires further development. Accordingly, the Governing Body directs the Director-General:

(a) to organize a tripartite meeting as a matter of urgency, to promote an exchange of views on the further development and implementation of the strategy, with among others the participation of the directly affected countries and social partners in the tobacco sector;

(b) to present an update on the costed and time bound integrated strategy to the Governing Body at its 337th Session in November 2019;

(c) to continue the on-going project-based efforts to eliminate child labour using Regular Budget Supplementary Account funds and other public funds in the short term;

(d) to continue efforts to mobilize various sustainable sources of funding from the public and private sector with appropriate safeguards.

The Employer Spokesperson for this item (GB.334/POL/5), Jacqueline Mugo, welcomed this agreement. She highlighted the importance of a common understanding in the context of the integrated strategy and the success of the tripartite meeting proposed by the decision. She reconfirmed the global business community’s commitment to improving the lives of the 60 million workers, employers, enterprises and communities in the sector. Ms Mugo went on to affirm that this decision allows the private sector to continue contributing to this commitment and that it gives the ILO clear guidance on further action and development of the integrated strategy; a decision reached through tripartite consensus and discussion.

The document GB.334/POL/5 gives further details on the integrated strategy and an overview of the discussion on this item since 2017 (available in the documents panel). However, it does not contain the point for decision as amended and adopted but rather the draft which was submitted for discussion at the current Session.

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