Centre for Sport and Human Rights

What is the Centre for Sport and Human Rights?

The Centre for Sport and Human Rights was officially launched on 26 June 2018. It has the aim to share knowledge, build capacity and strengthen the accountability of all actors involved in sport through collective action and promotion of the Sporting Chance Principles on Sport and Human Rights. The Centre is supported by a diverse coalition including FIFA, the International Olympic Committee, Commonwealth Games Federation, and UEFA, as well as ILO and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, companies and trade unions.

Why is the Centre for Sport and Human Rights relevant to business?

Business is connected with the world of sports through a multiplicity of links, such as through sponsoring, broadcasting, the building of infrastructure, the provision of services, etc. In these different functions, business has the responsibility to respect human rights and to mitigate possible adverse impacts. Often mega-sporting events bring human rights risks for business, which are difficult to be mitigated by business alone. The Centre for Sport and Human Rights facilitates partnerships to address risks in a multi-stakeholder manner, to support companies as well as all other relevant actors through in-depth expertise and knowledge as well as through practical action.

How is the IOE involved with the Centre for Sport and Human Rights?

The IOE has been a member of the advisory council of the Centre from the very beginning and has been deeply involved in its establishment. The IOE supports the work of the Centre through providing expertise, through leveraging the power of its global network, through engaging in awareness-raising and capacity-building with constituents as well as through its institutional role in the different international organisations and initiatives.

How does the IOE’s work with the Centre for Sport and Human Rights advance the agenda for business?

The IOE’s engagement with the Centre for Sport and Human Rights ensures that the Centre offers the services which business needs; that the support of the Centre is effective and efficient in addressing the challenges business faces when engaging in mega-sporting events; and that its approach is consistent and coherent with international human rights agreed frameworks.




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