Le programme et le budget actuels de l'OIT doivent refléter pleinement les ambitions de la Déclaration du Centenaire

Lors de la session en cours du Conseil d'administration du BIT, le Groupe des employeurs n'a pas pu appuyer le Programme et budget proposé (en anglais)

The Programme and Budget is the International Labour Organization's (ILO) most strategic document, directing the work of the entire organisation. During this latest Governing Body session, the discussion on the Programme and Budget was particularly important as it was meant to agree on the steps to transform the Centenary Declaration from words into concrete actions.

The Employers viewed the Programme and Budget 2020-21 as an unique opportunity to make the ambitions and priorities set out in the Centenary Declaration fully reflected in activities.

The ILO, in particular, needs an impactful strategy on both skills and productivity to cope with the challenges for the future of work. The ILO did not foresee a strategy in these two critical areas within the document.

In addition, this proposed Programme and Budget reflected serious inconsistencies between the strategic framework and the real allocation of resources, especially those related to productivity, skills, support to the private sector and social partners.

For these reasons, the Employers could not support it. Employers and business organisations remain committed to engaging in a constructive dialogue to support the organisation to reach the ambitious goals it has set out in its Centenary Declaration. 

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