Informations sur la table ronde au Kazakhstan relative à la liberté syndicale pour les organisations d'employeurs

Une délégation de représentants d'employeurs a visité récemment le Kazakhstan pour une discussion sur la Convention n° 87 de l'OIT (en anglais)

28-29 January 2019, Astana, Kazakhstan – A delegation of Employer representatives attended the Roundtable on the Freedom of Association of Employer Organisations in Kazakhstan. The objective of the mission was to ensure that the Government of Kazakhstan makes progress on the reforms to the Labour Law, Entrepreneurship Code and Law on the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs (NCE Atameken), in order to ensure their compliance with the ratified ILO Convention 87 on Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise.

These laws, by establishing compulsory membership of businesses to NCE Atameken create challenges to the freedom of association of employer organisations and obstruct businesses willing to join other employer organisations of their own choice. The Government indicated its willingness to cooperate by facilitating internal consultations with other lead agencies and later by sending the draft law amendments for the consideration of the Parliament, which will sit and meet in mid 2019. It remains to be seen if the Government will accept the proposed changes in these laws.

Mission members included:

  • Akustina Morni, Adviser, IOE
  • Christian Hess, Desk Officer for Europe and Central Asia, ACT/EMP, ILO HQ Geneva
  • Vladimir Curovic, Senior Specialist, Employers’ Activities, DWT/CO Moscow
  • Phil O`Reilly, Employer Spokesperson of the BIAC to the OECD
  • Ottheinrich von Weitershausen, former Director, Department on Economics, BDA, Germany
  • Kris de Meester, First Adviser, FEB, Belgium
  • Talgat Umirzhanov, ILO Coordinator for Kazakhstan

For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact IOE Senior Adviser for Europe and Central Asia, Ms Alessandra Assenza (assenza(at)

Photo: From L to R: Ottheinrich von Weitershausen (Germany), Akustina Morni (IOE), Vladimir Curovic (ACT/EMP Moscow), Phil O’Reilly (New Zealand), Christian Hess (ACT/EMP Geneva), Kris De Meester (Belgium)

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