Réunion tripartite de l'OIT sur le dialogue social transnational (12-15 février 2019, Genève)

Appel à nominations de participants employeurs (en anglais) (Date limite: 1 décembre 2018)


The ILO is convening a meeting of experts on cross-border social dialogue in Geneva from 12 to 15 February 2019.

Aims of the meeting of experts

  1. To analyse contemporary experiences, challenges and trends characterizing cross-border social dialogue initiatives, as well as the role and added value of the ILO.

  2. It would also seek guidance from ILO constituents (employers, workers and governments) on the future work of the ILO in this area.

Focus of the meeting

This meeting will look at all forms of cross-border social dialogue, including:

  • Social dialogue with regional groupings at the supranational level – such as between European Social Partners;
  • International Framework Agreements (IFAs);
  • Labour clauses in trade and investment agreements;
  • Ad-hoc initiatives, such as the Accord;
  • ILO activities: ILO Sectoral meetings, Maritime Labour Conventions (2006), etc; and
  • G20/B20/L20.

However, we expect the meeting to focus on the following topics in particular:

  • International Framework Agreements (IFAs): the ILO has made it clear that it wants a clear mandate to promote and participate in the negotiation of IFAs and their follow-up, including monitoring, mediation and dispute settlement.
  • Build on the revised ILO MNE Declaration. Workers reportedly want:
    • The ILO to prepare specific guidance on how the due diligence process applies to labour rights. This ignores the fact that the human rights due diligence approach under the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights already addresses this;
    • Greater awareness and strengthening of the company-union dialogue facility offered by the ILO. Currently, the ILO can convene a company and union to discuss issues on a voluntary basis and in a way that the content shall not be used for any binding procedure. We expect workers to push for this facility, which to our knowledge has never been used, to be amended to mediate and settle disputes.

The ILO is preparing a background report ahead of the meeting, which is one of three expert meetings that came out of the conclusions from the 2016 ILC on global supply chains.

Requested action

The IOE needs to nominate eight employer participants for the meeting. They will be joined by eight worker and eight government participants.

  • We invite you to nominate a business expert who has tangible experience of the different forms of cross-border social dialogue by Friday 1 December (close of business).
  • To make a nomination, please complete and return the "nomination form" to hall(at)ioe-emp.com (see attached).
  • The eight participants will be selected based on their expertise/qualifications, but also on the basis of geographical balance to reflect the IOE’s global membership.

The ILO will provide a daily allowance (to cover accommodation and meals) and cover the cost of a return ticket to Geneva for the eight employer participants.

If you have any questions, please email Peter Hall.

Kind regards,

Peter Hall

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