Nos membres asiatiques accueillent chaleureusement le Secrétaire général par intérim de l'OIE dans leurs fédérations (en anglais)

 Acting Secretary-General with CEC staff                             Acting Secretary-General with BEF staff The IOE Acting Secretary-General, Roberto Suárez Santos, recently visited some of our member federations in the Asian region – the Bangladesh Employers' Federation (BEF) from 19 to 20 July, and the China Enterprise Confederation (CEC) from 25 to 26 July. The BEF warmly welcomed the Acting Secretary-General with a dinner that was attended by high-level representatives from Employers’ sector organizations. The dinner allowed for various exchanges on the socioeconomic situation of the country, including the increase in minimum wages, the set-up of a new safety insurance system for health and safety risks and freedom of association among others. Our Bangladeshi members also took him on a tour around BEF premises, where he met some of the staff members. Likewise, Mr. Suárez Santos had the opportunity to participate in a discussion, co-organised with the ILO, on the role of tripartism and social dialogue in the elimination of child labour. In this context, the IOE Acting Secretary-General had a rich, frank and extensive conversation with the new ILO Office Director in Dhaka and members of the ILO Better Work Programme. Issues like the implementation of the Programme, particularly the Office’s role in ensuring the involvement of local Employers Organizations in tripartite bodies, were discussed. Mr. Suárez was also very pleased to meet the Secretary of State for Labour and Employment, Afroza Khan, with whom he discussed issues related to the ILO case of Bangladesh. Finally, a meeting with members of the Ministry of Planning was also arranged in order to discuss the way the private sector can better contribute to the SDGs. After having participated in the International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) World Congress in Seoul*, the IOE Acting Secretary-General went to Beijing, where he met our Chinese Members. The China Enterprise Confederation (CEC) and its Standing Vice Chairman and Director-General, Mr. Hongren Zhu, together with the Deputy-Director General and other senior officials, had an exchange with Mr. Suárez on different issues related to IOE services, CEC’s evolution and the situation of the country. He also had a very intense and interactive debate with directors and members of different departments on the evolution of the IOE, the global and local trends on the future of work and business models before the digital revolution. It was a fruitful discussion and there was appreciation on both sides of the value of this kind of interaction and the role of the IOE network for catalysing it. The visit ended in a farewell dinner with CEC senior officials, where further important issues like protectionist trends were discussed. For further information, please contact Roberto Suárez Santos, IOE Acting Secretary-General.*IOE’s participation in the ILERA World Congress in South Korea will be communicated on a separate piece shortly.

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