Réunion d'experts de l'OCDE sur la négociation collective, la qualité de l'emploi et l'avenir du travail


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The IOE took part in the OECD Expert Group meeting on “Collective bargaining and Industrial Relations”. The programme of the event that took place in Paris on 2 July 2018, can be found here. This expert meeting is part of the process to complement the OECD work on “collective bargaining, job quality and the future of work” in view of an OECD Publication on Collective Bargaining (forthcoming 2019). The IOE, also on behalf of the Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC), presented the viewpoint of its members on the topic of collective bargaining and social dialogue in the new world of work scenario. The IOE presentation focused on two points: 
  • - The fact that social dialogue is at a crucial moment in its history (with the important decrease of trade union membership, the question at stake is about the future and legitimacy of social partnerships)
  • - Collective bargaining in the face of new business models and the diverse forms of work is a very complex matter that revolves not only around issues of workers’ classification but also around the application of competition law.
The IOE also offered examples on how employers’ organisations are trying to improve their services to be more “future-proofed” and better respond to the new challenges for employers in the new world of work. For any further information on this meeting and its follow-up please contact Alessandra Assenza, Senior Adviser for Europe and Central Asia. Also, for further information on this topic, consult our dedicated Future of Work page.

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