Voyage du Secrétaire général par intérim à Manille pour aborder les réformes politiques en matière d'avenir du travail (en anglais)

IOE Acting Secretary-General, Roberto Suárez Santos travelled to Manila, Philippines in April 2018 to attend a series of meetings with employers and businesses in the region. He attended the 39th National Conference of Employers (NCE) entitled "The Future is now: survive, compete and growth amidst radical changes in labour and employment policies" held in Manila on 19 April 2018. In his presentation to the more than 300 delegates at this event, he addressed key issues in improving business competitiveness, notably through improving labour productivity, labour institutions and creating a stable macro-economic environment. He warned against the dangers of rigidities in labour regulations, specifically on recent proposals to considerably restrict outsourcing or externalisation of processes that companies are putting in place. He also touched on skills development and the importance of re-skilling the workforce. Roberto Suárez also attended a forum on 20 April hosted by the ASEAN Confederation of Employers (ACE). His remarks to the more than 150 delegates at the forum also focused on identifying efficient policies on re-skilling and skills development in the context of the future of work. He stated that the term "soft or social skills" is misleading but that these aptitudes are essential to the workforce of today, together with a solid foundation in STEM skills. In a meeting with the Board of ACE held on 21 April, Roberto Suárez outlined the work of the IOE in relevant ILO matters and in other multilateral processes. For more information, please contact Roberto Suárez Santos, Acting Secretary-General

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