Le Président de l'OIE encourage le B20 à faire un appel aux gouvernements pour la mise en oeuvre de leurs engagements (en anglais)

  During his address to the B20 Employment and Education Taskforce (B20 EETF), IOE President and B20 Co-Chair of the EETF, Erol Kiresepi highlighted the continuing struggle for G20 governments to act on their commitments. "A G20 strategy, such as the G20 Skills Strategy can be perfect, but completely useless if not implemented and enforced," he said. On behalf of the B20 EETF, he urged governments to harness the positive opportunities in new and diverse forms of work and highlighted that these changes can offer great benefits to employers and employees in striking the work-life balance. He also urged governments to ensure labour laws support flexibility to build resilient and adaptable labour markets. The B20 EETF met at the ILO in Geneva on 14 March, in parallel to the ILO Governing Body's 332nd session. The meeting included an open discussion with the chair of the L20, Gerardo Martinez, on possible joint action between business and trade unions, as well as a meeting of the leadership of the B20 EETF to discuss the G20 process. The meeting was addressed by the G20 presidency. The IOE is once again Official Network partner of the B20 EETF, taking a leading role in the work of the Task Force. For more information, please contact Matthias Thorns, Director of Stakeholder Engagement and María Paz Anzorreguy, Senior Adviser

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