31 July 2018


IOE presents its perspective on the Future of Work at ILERA World Congress 2018 in Seoul


The International Organisation of Employers participated in the International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) World Congress in Seoul, from 23 to 27 July 2018.


Acting Secretary-General Roberto Suárez Santos intervened in the ILERA Business Forum, organised by the Korean Employers' Federation (KEF), on "Job Creation and the Role of Business", covering a range of topics including the future of business (impact of megatrends such as digitalisation on enterprises, the platform economy, etc.), unemployment, inequalities, demographics (youth and ageing), and anticipating skills and skills development.


Mr Suárez also welcomed the opportunity to meet with KEF’s newly-elected CEO, Mr Sohn Kyung-shik. The KEF is actively facing new labour market reform which could involve restrictions on flexible forms of work.


IOE Senior Adviser Alessandra Assenza presented a paper, co-authored with Roberto Suárez, entitled "Thriving in the Future of Work: Employers' Recommendations for Action" (links to the paper and presentation in the side panel). The paper highlights four principal megatrends shaping the world of work and driving the pace of change, and considers the effects of those trends on employment and the labour market. It sets out recommendations on the digital divide, the business climate, and welfare systems, among others, and proposals for policymakers, political leaders, social partners, and society as a whole.


Ms Assenza connected with the World Employment Confederation (WEC), also present at the event, and participated in talks with local members, including Manpower South Korea, updating them on IOE engagement in this area, both within and outside the ILO.

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