17 November 2017


Opportunity for IOE members in Council of Europe countries to participate in EU Policy Forum on Development Meeting, Ghent, 15-16 Jan. 2018


IOE members in Council of Europe countries are being invited to be part of the employer delegation to the upcoming European Union Policy Forum on Development (EU PFD) meeting, which is scheduled to take place in Ghent, Belgium, from 15-16 January 2018.

As outlined in our previous reports on the IOE-EU partnership, the IOE plays a key role in ensuring that the voice of business is taken into account in EU PFD deliberations, and in arguing for the greater involvement of the IOE’s members in all regions in the design, roll-out and evaluation of EU development projects. Recalling that the New European Consensus on Development supports the implementation of the 2030 Agenda through policy coherence and cooperation (SDG 17), our participation affirms the private sector contribution to the SDGs, which is a shared IOE-EU priority.

The upcoming 15-16 January 2018 meeting will have as its overall theme: Assessing the impact of Europe’s internal dynamics on its external action. The concept note, and draft agenda for the meeting, may be downloaded via the links in the side panel.

IOE members in Council of Europe countries are strongly encouraged to sign up and play an active role in the two-day meeting.  Please contact Ms Caroline Balikungeri at the IOE as soon as possible to be officially registered as a member of the employer delegation. We regret that, for reasons beyond our control, only a limited number of employer delegates can be registered.

Linda Kromjong


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