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Schedule for COVID-19 IOE digital conferences

Below are links to details on upcoming IOE digital conferences together with recordings and presentations of all previous sessions.

    Upcoming digital conferences:

    Recordings and presentations of previous sessions:

    Documents and recordings

    Covid-19 in Africa: Strengthening regional cooperation for an effective return to work (30.6.2020)

    Climate Action in a post-Covid-19 landscape (29.6.2020)

    Economic Advocacy for SMEs to tackle the Covid-19 crisis (25.6.2020)

    Enhancing Cooperation between UN and Business at National Level (18.6.2020)

    Mesas Virtuales de Diálogo: Reactivación productiva con trabajo decente (26.5.2020)

    Business & Industry Major Group: Update on High-Level Political Forum (22.5.2020)

    Staying on track with Agenda 2030 (20.5.2020)

    Global cooperation, partnerships and inclusive policy making decisions - UN@75 and private sector online dialogue with UN Under-Secretary General, Fabrizio Hochschild(15.5.2020)

    WHO and ILO leaders to discuss on Back to Work policies (06.05.2020)

    Covid-19 and its impact for the Business and Human Right89s agenda (29.4.2020)

    Covid-19 in Europe and Central Asia (21.4.2020)

    Fostering skills and productivity during Covid-19 (15.4.2020)

    IOE and Worldwide ERC digital conference on Global mobility and Covid-19: impact for businesses (14.4.2020)

    Covid-19 in Africa: experience sharing and recommendations for the private sector - English Session (9.4.2020)

    Covid-19 in Africa: experience sharing and recommendations for the private sector - French Session (8.4.2020)

    The impact of Covid-19 on global trade, supply chains and employment (8.4.2020)

    LATAM Digital Conference (2.4.2020)

    IOE-ITUC Digital Summit: What needs to happen next in Covid-19 response (2.4.2020)

    Insights on diverse labour measures implemented by employers in response to Covid-19 (1.4.2020)

    Asia Regional Digital Conference: Covid-19 Business Response (27.3.2020)

    Private sector contributions in health emergencies (25.3.2020)

    Economic advocacy to assure business sustainability and avoid massive job losses: what works, what does not (25.03.2020)

    How to develop effective Human Resource telework policies (23.3.2020)

    Business response to Covid-19 (18.3.2020)

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