Empresas de todo el mundo responden a la encuesta de la iniciativa #UN75

45 organizaciones empresariales de la OIE destacan las prioridades empresariales en la encuesta #UN75 de Naciones Unidas (en inglés)

The International Organisation of Employers (IOE), representing more than 50 million companies, is a key partner in the international multilateral system for over 100 years as the voice of business at the ILO, across the United Nations (UN), G20 and other emerging forums.

As part of this commitment, IOE members responded to the UN Secretary General’s call for a worldwide consultation on the future of the UN.

Some 45 employer and business federations from all parts of the world took part in the survey. These institutions collectively represent millions of businesses from across the globe. The overriding feedback from employers is that they are committed to helping to build a sustainable future that addresses current global environmental and human development challenges.

Specifically, survey results confirm that employers are extremely preoccupied with global health risks such as we are currently experiencing with the coronavirus.

The results reveal that businesses call for and are committed to work for a sustainable future for all. This means a strong focus on better education, more employment opportunities, universal and affordable access to digital technologies, addressing climate change, promoting equal opportunities and building a resilient and sustainable global economy. Enabling business environments, which promote employment, growth and sustainable development are key and the basis for reaching social, economic and ecological objectives of the SDGs.

Importantly, the outcomes from the survey clearly show the commitment and support of the global business community – small, medium and large businesses combined - for the pursuit and promotion of multilateral relations. They deemed these relations essential.

Read the full survey results in the document attached below.

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