Reforzar la cooperación entre las Naciones Unidas y las empresas a nivel nacional

Participen el 17 de junio en el segundo evento digital de la OIE que reunirá, de manera virtual, a empleadores y Coordinadores Residentes de las Naciones Unidas (en inglés).

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On 17 June at 7:30 EDT (13:30 CET) IOE will host the second in a series of dialogues between employers and UN Resident Coordinators. This session will include participants from Africa and Asia.

With the onset of Covid-19, engaging the private sector has become even more critical to cope with the crisis and overcome the many socio-economic challenges.  While health is the first concern, second are business continuity and employment.

Business has supported the reform of the United Nations Development System (UNDS) with a view to improving its coherence, efficiency and impact. The reform is now being tested by the pandemic and it is apparent that there is an urgent need for action by all parties on the ground. 

IOE and the Konrad Adenaur Foundation are embarking on a collaboration with the objective to enhance and increase employer engagement in overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic and the related economic consequences linked to job creation and SME support.  Overall, the collaboration will assist in implementing the 2030 Agenda in the context of the UNDS reform.

This series of dialogues provides Resident Coordinators and employer organisations with the opportunity to share best practices and identify challenges and opportunities in collaborating and building partnerships.  The first dialogue took place on 20 May.  Please find attached the report from this dialogue. 


Virtual Conference: 17 June 7:30 EDT 13:30 CET


Introductions and Setting the scene

Roberto Suarez Santos, IOE Secretary-General

Andrea E. Ostheimer, Executive Director Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Collaboration Private Sector and UN -A best practice

Mr Siddharth Chatterjee, Resident Coordinator Kenya  

An Open Dialogue

Participants RCs and Employer Federations from Togo, DRC, Kenya, Senegal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India

What works well in getting all stakeholders together at country level from the planning to delivery level? 

What are some challenges? What can we do to increase collaboration between public and private sector?

Do you have examples of Best Practices?

If a playbook were to be put together on collaboration, what 3 elements should it include?  

Conclusions and Next Steps

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