Arracan las consultas regionales del FMMD en África

Las primeras consultas regionales del FMMD comienzan con la primera, que se celebra en África (en inglés).

Co-hosted with the African Union, the GFMD African consultation was launched this week with breakout sessions to take place on 19 May and 2 June. IOE encourages all African members to join the breakout sessions to ensure the voice of African business informs global migration policies.

Issues covered in the inaugural sessions of the African consultation and to be further explored in the breakout sessions are:

  • Labour migration governance in the context of a changing employment landscape
  • Skilling migrants for employment
  • Addressing gaps in migrant protection.

The GFMD-led breakout sessions will provide an opportunity to give crucial inputs into the GFMD Background Papers, to be presented during the Summit in Dubai in January 2021. Please contact Bouchra Marclay (marclay(at) to register to take part in one of the sessions. Participation is limited to 5 business representatives.

As participation to the breakout is limited and the goal is to have a wider business consultation, IOE urges all African members to review the Background Papers available on Please send your feedback to Stephanie Winet (winet(at) by WEDNESDAY 3 June 2020.

The schedule for breakout sessions is:

  • 19 May, 12pm-2pm (GMT): African Union (English) Breakout sessions by theme (three sessions running simultaneously)
  • 2 June, 12pm-2pm (GMT): African Union (French) Breakout sessions by theme (three sessions running simultaneously).

During the inaugural session, Jacqueline Mugo, Executive Director of the Federation of Kenya Employers and Secretary General of BUSINESS Africa and Mohammed Touzani, Manager of the Social Commission for General Confederation of Morocco Businesses gave keynote presentations. They highlighted the urgent need to review migration policies due to a rapidly changing migration landscape and evolving work environment. They stressed the need to balance skills and migration policies with protection of migrant workers.

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