Expresen su opinión sobre la política de cooperación al desarrollo de la UE

La voz del sector privado es clave para optimizar el diseño y la aplicación de la política de desarrollo de la UE sobre el terreno (en inglés). Diríjanse al enlace correspondiente más adelante para cumplimentar la encuesta en español.

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Dear Members,

As you are aware from our previous communications, IOE has been highly involved in recent years in the European Union Policy Forum on Development (EU PFD), coordinating and articulating the business voice alongside you, our members, in EU PFD meetings in Brussels, and at regional and global level.

We continually strive to consolidate and enhance our partnership with the EU as part of our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 17. Our aim is to ensure that a multi-stakeholder approach is taken to the design, delivery, implementation and evaluation of EU development projects at local level, and that such approach harnesses the knowledge, expertise and aspirations of our members and the companies they represent to optimise sustainable development outcomes: inclusive growth, an enabling environment for business and innovation, and the creation of decent employment.

As part of this ongoing work, you are strongly encouraged to have your say in ongoing EU development policy activity. To do so, please follow the relevant link (English, French, Spanish) and complete the survey by 18 May. While your responses will be collected by the EU directly, we would be grateful if you would share your feedback with us, so that our ongoing engagement in the PFD continues to reflect our members' perspectives.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Anetha Awuku

Project Manager

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