La OIE participa en una conferencia sobre el diálogo social en la Federación de Empleadores de Montenegro (en inglés)

The IOE participated in the regional conference organised by the Montenegrin Employers Federation (MEF) on Transparent Social Dialogue as a Prerequisite of Healthy and Sustainable Economic and Social Development in the Region. The event was held on 26 February 2018 in Podgorica, Montenegro. Via video message, Alessandra Assenza, Senior Adviser for Europe and Central Asia, conveyed key points related to what social dialogue is, key factors for success, the positive outcomes social dialogue is able to deliver, but also the negative examples that a lack of social dialogue may produce. She referred to the challenges that the future of work is bringing to social dialogue and what could be the potential for a renewed role for social dialogue. Roberto Suárez Santos, Deputy Secretary-General, gave an overview of the discussion taking place in the ILO Governing Body with regards to the continuation or possible interruption of the public-private partnership the ILO maintains with the tobacco industry. He underlined the positive outcomes these partnerships have delivered and that the IOE will be advocating for maintaining the ILO's collaboration with the tobacco sector as it is. For more information, please contact Alessandra Assenza, Senior Adviser

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