Debates sobre acuerdos marco internacionales en la Conferencia anual Ius Laboris UK de Lewis Silkin (en inglés)

(Solo en inglés) The IOE took part in the Annual Conference organised in London by the UK Member of Ius Laboris, Lewis Silkin International Law Firm, on Managing an International Workforce: 2018 and beyond. This conference aimed at gathering HR professionals and lawyers to explore priority areas in international employment law that are likely to shape 2018. IOE Senior Adviser, Alessandra Assenza delivered a presentation during the session on "International Framework Agreements (IFAs): a Trojan Horse?". She presented the main trends related to IFAs and explained the reasons for why a company decides to sign or not to sign an IFA. She then provided advice on how to ensure the drafting and implementation of those agreements can be monitored and that the IFA responds to the real will of the company. Visit the Ius Laboris Lewis Silkin website for the full programme of the conferencePara obtener más información, póngase en contacto con Alessandra Assenza, Consejera Principal

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