Global Occupational Safety & Health Network

GOSH is a unique initiative of the IOE and member organisations dedicated to offering senior Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) professionals, in companies that are affiliates of their national employer organisation, exclusive, confidential forums to discuss issues of common concern with international peers.


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Since 2009, GOSH has been providing exclusive, confidential forums for senior OSH, Risk Management and Sustainability Professionals to discuss critical OSH and sustainability issues with international peers.

GOSH helps companies identify and anticipate emerging health and safety issues and trends so that members can better address them.

GOSH shares IOE’s insights and analyses of UN and other multilateral initiatives impacting the global health and safety environment for business.

GOSH facilitates the exchange of best-in-class practice, provides validation of strategy and action, and fosters impact.

How does GOSH work?

Twice a year, global meetings are hosted by GOSH members on a voluntary, rotating basis.

GOSH members set and control the agenda with the support of IOE Secretariat.

Regional and international experts are invited to provide insights on selected issues.

GOSH members gain access to a dedicated page on our website and to timely information and exchange of views on an ongoing basis.

IOE member organisations enjoy free GOSH membership.

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GOSH Meeting, Antwerp, Sept. 2019 - Related Documents (GOSH access only)

The voice of a GOSH member

“I very much appreciate the GOSH network. It is member-driven and helps me to connect with senior Environment, Health and Safety leaders in other organisations who are facing similar challenges.”

Alastair Davey, Global Vice-President, Health, Safety & Environment

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