Corporate Partners

The IOE’s Corporate Partners initiative provides individual companies, who are affiliates of the IOE member organisation in their country, with greater access to specialised IOE support and services for their global needs.

Why Corporate Partners?

Corporate Partners participate in global-level discussions in the ILO and other international forums where they can learn about and influence policies that affect business operations.

Corporate Partners gain access to IOE expertise in policy development through individualised support and services and knowledge-sharing activities on labour standards, human rights and responsible business conduct, industrial relations, international labour migration, sustainability, standardisation, skills development and much more.

Corporate Partners exercise leadership in policy circles relating to international employment and social affairs and gain valuable networking opportunities with peer-level companies in a confidential environment.

How does the Corporate Partners initiative work?

Corporate Partners brings together multinational companies to engage in work with the IOE bilaterally as well as in cooperation with our global network of members, other corporates, the UN and other international organisations and processes. 

Corporate Partners discuss their interests and needs with the IOE Secretariat and agree on a bespoke program of individual services.

They are invited to join IOE Policy Working Groups of their choice and often participate in the International Labour Conference as part of their national employer delegation alongside their representative umbrella organisation.

Corporate Partners are included in IOE communications, discussions, meetings and events .

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The voice of a Corporate Partner

“Come join us in supporting our national employer and business organisations and contribute to the IOE’s work as a powerful and balanced voice of business in employment and social policy on the world stage. This IOE initiative provides companies with a unique opportunity to understand and engage on global issues that affect our businesses.”

Brent Wilton, Director of Global Workplace Rights, The Coca-Cola Company

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